The Week We Went Ferrell With Will In Scotland 

Anchorman star Will Ferrell dropped by the Tomatin whisky distillery earlier this week… So we did the only thing we could for Santa’s son and gifted him a complimentary bottle, as well as the chance to have some photos with the staff there and pushed out to media.Not their average day at work in a Scotland whisky distillery, but the staff were left starstruck after seeing the actor.

Ferrell was visiting the Highlands on a golf trip, wearing a flat cap and a sports jacket, very Zoolander!

Some quick reactions from the McFrank team delivered over 190 pieces of coverage to date across online and nationals with reach hitting 4 BILLION!

Lady baby

Billie a U.S based female razor brand has got the internet talking this week with their new razor ad, that actually portrays women with body hair! Because, you know, women have body hair too.

The advert sparked a lot of praise (and of course criticism) for their brave and bold statement of the female body. The advert involves a woman with actual hair on her armpits. The idea behind the body hair-filled ad was to acknowledge female body hair and encourage women to do what they want with it.

Somewhere down the line, it has become taboo for women to have body hair?! Men are free to bare the hair, whereas women are expected to have hair-free legs, underarms and bikini lines.

Female razor ads don’t tend to help this hairless image, with women pretending to shave non-existent hairs from their silky-smooth legs – which obviously as every women knows, isn’t reality!

We appreciate their honesty, could this be on new trend…

Joey Darlin

Don’t get your nappy in a twist!

Sadiq Khan’s grant of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK signals the arrival of an angry infant to our shores… No, of course we don’t mean Donald Trump himself, we’re referring to the giant baby blimp of him that’s been made to greet him on arrival.

The ‘Trump Baby’ will feature at the ‘Stop Trump’ March in central London on Friday 13th July (an ominous date if ever there was one). The blimp has been granted permission to soar over the skies of London during Trump’s visit and will reside above Parliament Square Gardens, which will serve as the grounding point for the blimp.

A spokesperson for Sadiq Khan said “the Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms”. Well this is as different as they come, and we at Frank appreciate the creative imagery that the protesters are highlighting!


They say imitation is the best form of flattery….One of the world’s most popular chocolate brands has now released a new hazelnut spread, which as you would expect, has contributed to a media frenzy!

The product is already sold out online but if you were one of the lucky early birds, you can now get your hands on a jar of ‘Lindt Hazelnut Cream’ – which effectively looks like a more glamorous version of their rivals Nutella’s Chocolate Spread. The “exclusive” new product contains “real Lindt chocolate” giving it that rich and smooth taste that everybody so craves.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lindt has attracted attention over one of their products – Christmas and Easter wouldn’t be the same without their infamous Lindor Balls and Lindt bunnies!

Our mouths are practically watering just writing this up, we need to get our hands on this!

Dominos Pizza Potholes

24-year-old London girl Olivia Purvis’s blog ‘whatoliviadid’ is our spotlight influencer right now!

Olivia can often be found at the British seaside or watching films, as long as they’re starring  either Hugh Grant, Jennifer Anniston or Julia Roberts. Her 177,000 followers on Instagram are treated to regular quirky photos of her travels, fashion and lifestyle.

Olivia pretty much has all bases covered. Her beauty tips and tutorials make her a must-follow!