The Week Gareth Southgate Took Over A Train Station

CIPR Pride

We’re Feeling Proud

This week, the nominations for the CIPR PRide Awards 2018 were announced – and Frank’s “Crown From The Crowd” campaign for Photobox is up for not one but three awards:

  • Consumer Relations Campaign of the Year
  • Digital Campaign of the Year
  • Content Campaign of the Year

Fingers crossed we take it home! You can read more about the campaign here.


Football’s Coming… To Southgate Tube Station

The World Cup’s been and gone, but the English pride lives on.

To celebrate England’s heroic efforts at the World Cup, Southgate Tube station on London’s Piccadilly Line was rebranded “Gareth Southgate” station in celebration of the England manager’s success in not only igniting the belief of the England squad, but of the nation as a whole.

The 48-hour stunt was activated by sponsor Visa in partnership with Transport for London and was accompanied by a sign that read: “Thanks Gareth for the incredible journey. Southgate is yours.”

The stunt was greeted with widespread media attention, with thousands of fans flocking to the station to capture selfies with the temporary signs.

When a video emerged midweek of a member of the public prematurely tearing down one of the “Gareth Southgate” signs, it sparked outrage among football fans across the country. One fan commented on Twitter that her actions represented “everything that’s wrong with the world!”

At Frank, we’re all about agendeneering, hijacking the news agenda and creating that world-famous talkability. This stunt ticks all those boxes – bravo!

In other football news, Lidl also reserved car parking spaces for all of the England squad (including Southgate) in their hometowns this week, as part of the brand’s Dream Big With Lidl campaign. Now, that’s enough football until the Premier League starts again.

Don’t Wanna Be an American Idiot…

There never seems to be a dull moment for the current President of the United States. On the back of an eventful week, in which he was greeted by a flying ‘Baby Trump’ blimp on his arrival in London, rubbed shoulders with the Queen, and ignited a quasi-Civil War on his home soil after cosying up to Vladimir Putin, it should come as no surprise that President Trump has leapt up Google’s image search ranking to poll position.

However, Trump won’t be pleased to find out that it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks to some dedicated work from the Reddit online community, when you type the word ‘idiot’ into Google’s image search, Trump is the first image that you will find.

Following the President’s antics this week, there has been a rigorous campaign carried out by Reddit users to capitalize on the association, by manipulating Google’s algorithm and linking the word ‘idiot’ to a picture of Donald Trump.

Full credit to those responsible for this “huuuuggggeeee” effort!


Unbelievable, Jeff

Get ready for this one…

If you happened to be enjoying a stroll next to London’s iconic Tower Bridge this week, you would have been greeted by quite an eyeful.

To celebrate 25 years since the release of the Jurassic Park movie, Now TVconstructed a 25ft statue of Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum lounging open-shirted, in a recreation of his famous pose from the 1993 dinosaur blockbuster.

The unscripted “iconic” shirtless pose, which has become the theme of numerous internet memes of late, received a heap of attention from the bewildered public, with fans posting their images with the statue across social media.

The statue weighs 150kg, stood more than three metres tall and took more than six weeks and 250 hours of hard labour to build.

Not exactly the most creative campaign in the world… but it’s certainly caught people’s eye this week.

Anyone got the Chai-Fi Password?


Home to the second largest workforce in the world, workers in India regularly toil for 16-17 hours a day. As a result of the nature of their work, too often workers don’t have the time to communicate with their families and friends or enjoy any downtime away from the workplace.

To address the issue, Chakra Tea, a popular tea brand in central India, created Chai-Fi (“chai” is the Hindi word for “tea”) – a pioneering kettle which creates Wi-Fi when it’s heated.

This Wi-Fi is made available to workers free of charge, who can use it to speak with their families, browse current affairs and enjoy access to sports, music and movies. Chai-Fi is making tea breaks more invigorating by enabling workers to digitally connect.

This state-of-the-art initiative sees Chakra Tea join a prestigious list of world-conquering brands, such as Google and Nike, in making data more accessible to everyone, wherever they might be in the world.


What originally started out as a “bit of a joke” following a dare from a family member, the @impermeablerockers Instagram account has grown exponentially ever since. The travel-blogging couple continue to take Instagram by storm as they document their incredible travel adventures.

Alex and Sophie’s 27,600 followers are treated to regular jaw-dropping images taken exclusively by them (other than the odd features from family & friends) recording their travels at home and abroad.

Each image tells its own authentic story – where they were, what they did, and always includes a set of top tips and advice for anyone that might be planning a visit to the place where the photo was taken.

The @impermeablerockers are a must follow for anyone seeking travel inspiration and a general dose of #couplegoals!