The Week That Rhianna Made Us Want To Shave Off Our Brows


Bellini Crisps, Anyone? 

This week, Frank announced Tyrrells’ most luxurious flavour yet: Raspberry Bellini.

After the success of its Ginger & Sparkle range, Frank client, Tyrrells, has once again challenged crisp-norms, and is set to launch the exciting new pink cocktail flavoured crisps in October, just in time for the festive season.

Coverage is already rolling in, with The Sun even creating a little video you can watch by clicking the link above. Tasty!


Get A Pizza This! 

For centuries, okay, a few years, the world has puzzled over the necessity of the three-legged table which arrives with our pizza delivery. What is it’s purpose? Does it help the consumer divide the pizza neatly into thirds, help us to decipher which is the right way up, or does it just prevent the topping sticking to the lid of the pizza box in the event of a crushing?

While it’s probably the latter, Canadian-based Boston Pizza decided to reinvent the usage of this peculiar particle of plastic, and include some cute-as-hell garden chairs to the pizza boxes to excite and delight customers, and celebrate the much-loved “patio season”.

All this talk of pizza and gardens is getting us in the mood for a takeaway – however, with the current conversation about plastic, what it the best move?


The Stride Of Pride Returns

August is Pride month and comes with arguably the brightest, most vibrant and fun festivals of the entire year. Leeds Pride is one of the few Pride festivals which continues to be free for all to attend, and the community always does everything possible to prepare for a party!

Frank client Victoria Leeds brought back its rainbow crossing, linking Victoria Gate and Victoria Quarter, which went down a treat with shoppers and party-goers alike. Not only did the crossing spark plenty of social posts, but the amazing Pride mural also inspired the public to get involved and colour both in and outside of the lines!

Leeds loves Pride, and the day was a fantastic opportunity to see the Yorkshire community come together to celebrate each other, as well as continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.


Vogue x Beyoncé x Rhianna

If you haven’t seen the beautiful and GLORIOUS covers for Vogue’s September edition, then we can only assume that you have been living under a rock without access to the internet.

Vogue has been in the limelight for its September issue cover stars, Beyonce for America’s Vogue, and Rhianna for British Vogue, both making bold statements with their outfits and poses in particular, Beyoncé’s personal article in her own words and Rhianna’s almost non-existent eyebrows. Both editions celebrate the successes of the stars, and raise awareness of the challenges which black and ethnic minority women face in the media.

Mars Pulls YouTube Ads In Drill Rap Backlash

YouTube has experienced another huge loss of ad revenue in the form of Mars, as the confectionary giant has pulled all of its adverts on the platform, after one of its adverts was shown alongside a rap video inciting violence.

Whilst YouTube does its best to filter its videos and the adverts it shows alongside them, this is just yet another incident in a long line of issues the company faces with its advertising algorithms.


Diary Of A Spanglish Girl

Lauren is an English girl, living in Spain on the Costa Blance. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well Lauren only started her blog in January 2018, and has since racked up a huge following of almost 10,000 on her Instagram, which might have something to do with the gorgeous beachy snaps and cool blue ocean making us dream about our next holiday!

Working with a range of brands such as New Look, TruPrint and East Midlands Airport, she’s a lifestyle influencer to keep an eye out for.