The Week Frank Called For A Cheese Professional


Hello, Is It Brie You’re Looking For?

As the old saying goes – if you don’t like cheese, there’s something wrong with you.

We’re a cheese-mad nation, which is why team Manc Frank have hit it out the park with their latest work for Manchester-based delivery experience company, Sorted.

This week, Sorted announce its searching for for an Assistant Director of Cheese. They needed somebody responsible for helping the current in-house Director of Cheese curate themed cheeseboards for the company’s Cheesy Tuesday events, with added perks of 40 days holiday, your birthday off and UNLIMITED cheese…

The job includes a few other bits and bobs, and its listing has been reported widely this week – including on UniLad, Pretty52, Cosmopolitan, Joe and more…

It’s Raining Blood In St. Petersburg

If donating blood is on your to-do list this weekend, then you’re wonderful – but, for most of us, it isn’t on our upcoming agendas.

With blood stock levels falling dangerously low in Russia, Fonddonorov, which is Russian a blood donor fund, needed to go to extreme measures to get the general public in to donate. On a busy weekday, the streets of St Petersburg were dappled with red puddles that included messages such as ‘this is how much blood will save someone’s life’.

Commuters had to literally sidestep these puddles, causing chaos on the streets and drawing attention to the crisis in effect. Images were captured on locals’ social media, raising some serious awareness for an important cause.


Would You Like A Silver Spoon With That?

This week, McDonald’s launched its first reservation-only luxury establishment, combining luxury condiments, fancy cheeses and high-quality beef to produce the ultimate eating experience, to launch its Signature Collection.

If your idea of a top date is going to Maccies to be serenaded by a string quartet and waited on hand and foot by your own personal burger butler, unfortunately you’ll have to opt for another establishment as this was for one day only!

The kings of Love Island, Wes Nelson and Jack Fincham, also attended for the ultimate DBS debrief.

Dry Jan? Try Being A Dry Fan!


Being a Cleveland Browns fan isn’t easy (we imagine).

The American Football team has only won one game in almost two years, which must be a bit of a kick in the teeth for players and fans.

Bud Light has come to the rescue, with a clever campaign. The beer brand has announced it will be placing Bug Light “Victory Fridges” at bars throughout Cleveland that will automatically unlock via a wi-fi connection after the Browns win their first regular-season game.

It’s only been 599 days since the last win, but who’s counting?


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