The Week That Non-melting Ice Lollies Were Invented


World’s Largest 3D-Printed Reef Goes Up In Maldives To Save Its Biodiversity

It’s 2018… pretty much anything can be 3D printed. From electric cars and architecture, to affordable tiny homes – the sky (or the sea) is the limit.

3D printing has ventured into biodiversity and printed the world’s largest 3D printed coral reef. The artificial system was submerged at the Summer Island Maldives to help coral reefs in the area survive and thrive in the warming climate.

Industrial designer Alex Goad, from Australia, created faux reef structures resembling those found naturally in the Maldives. This technology helps us to develop more innovative ways of protecting coral reefs by allowing us to mimic the complexity of natural reef structures.

Saving the sea, one reef at a time…


Deliveroo To Stage Sky-High Dining Experience 

Everyone has dreamed of having a dining experience 450ft up in the air, right?

Well Deliveroo is here to make your dreams come true. The activation has been inspired by the Lunch Atop a Skyscraper photograph, featuring construction workers atop steelwork during the construction of the Rockefeller Centre in New York (1930’s).

The dining experience offers the choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner on the specially-built rig on the roof on a London skyscraper at a secret location. The “Eat Up” experience will allow guest to enjoy their favourite Deliveroo takeaway whilst enjoying panoramic views of London.


Coca-Cola x Kith Unviel Official Cola-boration

Coke’s third collaboration with Kith is here, the duo released a look book ahead of the cola-boration to tease consumers until it arrives… leaving you on an all time (sugar) high.

The 2018 co-branded collection features apparel for all four seasons and is inspired by the 1960s. The capsule collection is guaranteed to bring a pop to your wardrobe – Kith and Coke play around with logos in honour of the globally recognised company.


World’s First Non-Melting Ice Pop Stays Icy Cool in 2018’s Heat Waves


2018 is on its way to becoming the fourth hottest year ever. Whilst some love the heat, it’s no secret that it can be uncomfortable.

The ice pop created by London-based food design studio Bompas & Parr, is designed to withstand global warming and can hold its shape for an hour under 24°C temperature. Perfect for those long hot days, the non-melting lolly is created with a material that’s inspired by pykrete (a frozen composite substance from World War II).

Could a melting ice lolly now be a thing of the past? We can’t ask for anything better in the sunshine.


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