The Week That Lewis Made It To Dover And Thousands Headed To Alex James’ Farm

Collin Kaepernick


Team Frank was in Dover on 29th August, to see Lewis Pugh complete his epic challenge #TheLongSwim.

Over 50 days, the UN Patron of The Oceans covered 530km, taking part in the swim to call on the UK government to introduce Marine Protected Areas (MPA) along the UK coastline. Lewis’s swim took 49 days, and the Frank team secured hundreds of pieces of coverage which included the front page of The Times and blanket coverage across national print and online… with more still yet to come.

In classic British style, it was raining as media gathered to greet Lewis upon the completion of his monumental task. Well, at least he was wet already!

The Big(gest) Feastival yet…

Frank travelled to Blur Bassist turned cheese-maker Alex James’ farm in Kingham, the Cotswolds, last weekend for this year’s The Big Feastival.

Back for its seventh year, Frank was tasked with making the festival more famous than ever before. In the months leading up to the festival the team landed print coverage in every single national ten times over, secured The Big Feastival as ‘top foodie festival’ in all the major festival guides and secured Alex James interviews everywhere from Good Morning Britain to BBC R2.

We welcomed record numbers celebrities (22), influencers (84) and media (144) to the weekend long event, resulting in the biggest social spike of activity the festival has ever seen. The haul of coverage is at 340 hits so far, with 81 pieces in national news titles.

The festival has reported the highest revenue and ticket sales ever recorded.

We’re expecting Alex’s next cheese to be named after us…

Elegantly Fashionable

Fly Me To The (wo)moon… 

Recent research has found that childhood role models are vital when it comes to inspiring young people. In order to inspire women to consider a piloting career and breakdown common stereotypes, EasyJet has recreated the famous scene from Hollywood movie, Catch Me If You Can, but this time with a young lady playing the lead role.

Leading the cast was nine-year-old Hannah Revie, the daughter of EasyJet captain Emily Revie. In the short film, Hannah portrayed a young DiCaprio’s dressed in complete EasyJet garb. Hannah was flanked by an entourage of boys, playing the role of the cabin crew, (again) fittingly played by children of EasyJet staff.

EasyJet has set a target for 20% of new pilots joining the airline to be women by 2020 – currently just 5% of all pilots worldwide are female, as benchmarked by the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

Baby Shark Dance

Le(t’s)go to the Italian Grand Prix 


Everyone remembers their most prized and impressive LEGO model that they build as a kid. Well, if you thought that was good, prepare to feel pretty inadequate…

In what could very well be the craziest thing that anyone has ever built with LEGO, the company behind the bricks has built a full-size model of the Bugatti Chiron supercar. The car was built to promote the Italian Grand Prix, and was constructed using over one million Technic pieces and 13,500 hours of labour.

The car is fully functioning, although it doesn’t quite reach the 250+ mph top speeds of a normal Bugatti Chiron. However, the company insist that it can reach top speeds of 19 miles per hour, which is impressive for a car made out of toy parts and has a plastic motor.

Mightily impressive, let’s just hope the creators weren’t walking around barefoot…

Baggage handlers

The Wonderful Stranded Night

After a collision of two lorries left motorists stranded on the M25 this week, IKEA opened its doors near to the crash site and provided motorists with beds to sleep in, and treated their late-night customers to a selection of its world-famous Swedish Meatballs.

Former Olympian, Dame Kelly Holmes, was one of the unlucky drivers caught up in the traffic but was less fortunate than those spending the night in IKEA. On the 14thanniversary of her famous 1500m win at the Athens Olympics, Dame Kelly put her sprinting career to good use as she raced to the roadside for a quick toilet break – when you gotta go, you gotta go!



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