The Week Nike Took The World By Storm


Nike’s Latest Campaign Sparks Outrage And Support 

They say you either have to stand for something, or sit on the sidelines and just watch. Nike isn’t a brand that sits on the sidelines, and Nike has taken a stand, and the “controversy” surrounding its latest campaign is really interesting.

If you haven’t followed the story – a quick synopsis. Nike sponsor an NFL player called Colin Kaepernick (and have done since 2011). He was the player who led the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016 – defying Trump in the process. Several players followed his lead, much to the disgust of US president and, following this controversial protect, Kaepernick has been without a team since March 2017.

He is now the “face” of Nike’s latest ad campaign – which was released yesterday – see it here
It’s led to a divide on social media as some have criticised Nike for using him, posting videos of them burning Nike trainers and cutting logos off their t-shirts/ #JustBurnIt was trending earlier this week.

Meanwhile others have hailed Nike for taking a stand and being part of the social commentary. The Nike share price has dropped a few % over the last few days – but media commentary is divided on whether this is a great move by the brand or a mistake.

Could this be Nike’s most controversial campaign yet? We think so, and we love it.

KFC Will Pay You $11,000 To Name Your Baby After Colonel Sanders

It’s the 128th birthday of KFC’s Colonel Sanders, and KFC is celebrating in a very bizarre way. Expectant parents are in for the chance of winning $11,000 – if they name their child after KFC founder, Harland Sanders.

The terms and conditions of this prize are quite specific. Once over the age of 21, for US residents a £8,500 university scholarship will be gifted to any baby born on September 9th with the name Harland Sanders.

Naming your child is a tricky, well thought out ordeal. It’s the name that will stay with them for the rest of their life. But, if you’re lost for inspiration a free scholarship may sweeten the deal.

The name Harland ranked 3,257 on the list of most common baby names for 2017 in the USA. KFC’s chief marketing officer wants to change this. He commented, “Our iconic founder’s name was dwindling in popularity, and we couldn’t just stand idly by and let that happen. We hope that this birthday celebration honors the Colonel and encourages the next generation of people aspiring to live the American dream.”

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The Internet Has Gone Insane For Baby Sharks, And Not The Kind You Find In The Ocean!

2018’s most annoying song is making the headlines this week. You know the one… baby SHARK, doo doo da-doo da-doo…. mummy SHARK, doo doo da-doo da-doo. So, what’s it all about?

The baby shark song is a child’s sing along song and dance about a family of sharks, posted by PinkFong, on a Korean-based YouTube channel for kids. The original Baby Shark video has had 1.6 billion views on YouTube, which has inspired an influx of viral dance tributes.

The baby shark song is listed as one of the Top 40 most-viewed videos ever on YouTube. It’s even hit the nightclub scene and worked its way onto the Premier League pitches by Watford player Roberto Pereya in a goal celebration.

The video can be viewed here – warning this catchy rhythm will be stuck in your head for the remainder of the day!

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Freddie For Take-Off! British Airways Baggage Handlers Pay Tribute To Freddie Mercury

Heathrow Terminal 5 came alive this week in celebration of Rock legend Freddie Mercury’s birthday, and the upcoming release of Twentieth Century Fox film BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

In a spectacular publicity stunt by British Airways and Heathrow Airport, baggage handlers ‘escaped from reality’ and performed Mercury-inspired dance moves, to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury, who previously worked as a baggage handler, nearly 50 years ago, at Heathrow Airport.

The Mercury takeover didn’t stop there – jet-setters also spotted Queen songs on Arrivals boards and any customer who is called Freddie, Frederick or the rockstar’s real name, Farrokh, departing from Terminal 5 was invited along with friends to use British Airways’ First lounge.

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